What is Aerospace?

Aerospace is a branch of technology or industry concerned with both aviation and space flight.

Too sophisticated? Nothing to do with me?

Actually, aerospace is as near as the ray shining on our face,
or as far as the unknown parts of the universe in deep space.

​Aerospace is as tiny as a drone on your palm,
or as huge as an aircraft or spacecraft in the sky or outer space.​

Aerospace is all around us. It really is.

​Think about the surrounding signals from the satellites orbiting the Earth.

​While the first powered flight was just more than a century ago,
imagine what kind of world technology can bring us to in a few decades.

​And what roles will our next generations be in the future?

​The sky is NOT the limit.
It's just the beginning.

​Yet too big for a single person to explore.

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​Together, we build a better future.

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